Camilla will only be Queen if Charles insists, claims body language expert

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If Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, becomes Queen once Prince Charles ascends to the throne it will only be because her husband wants it, according to one body language expert.

Former model turned author and behaviour expert Judi James bases her predictions on thousands of tiny, almost invisible, clues in Camilla’s body language.

"I believe Charles will insist his wife is the next Queen, but I also think she will take on the role with some reluctance," she said.

Judi, who contributed to Channel 5’s Camilla – The Uncrowned Queen, says that Prince Charles is likely to insist on his wife taking the ultimate title after he “fought so hard” to defy royal convention and marry the woman he had always loved.

Pointing out that Charles’s parents – Her Majesty the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh – "wouldn’t even step down" to stand beside him and his new wife on their wedding day, Judi said: "It would be a matter of pride and honour for Charles" to finally make Camilla his queen after so many years in a "semi-wilderness".

But, she told the Daily Express, Camilla herself may not be so enthusiastic to take on the title that once seemed to be designed for Diana, Princess of Wales.

"[Camilla’s] history with the public got off to a very shaky start when we would see her diving around to avoid both the cameras and the attention of Diana’s millions of fans," Judi said.

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The success of Netflix's The Crown and the hotly-anticipated new movie of Diana’s life will be stirring up powerful memories for Camilla, believes Judi.

"Camilla’s current body language is probably as comfortable as it has ever been since she stepped into the spotlight as Charles’s wife but she still fails to look either relaxed or confident in the public eye.

"She is probably at her best when she is accompanying Charles when her role tends to be of support and companionship for him primarily."

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Judi says Camilla rarely seems at ease in the public eye, and tends to prefer small, informal contacts with the public – especially with children.

"Unlike Kate, Diana and Sophie, Camilla rarely directs a confident, tie-sign look or glance at the cameras and this tends to suggest she has no real desire to communicate directly by herself or to self-promote," says Judi.

Instead, frustrated frowns suggest "a lack of enthusiasm for being singled out" that the former Camilla Parker-Bowles may have to get over if, as seems likely, she is one day made Queen.

It's been a year like no other for the Queen from the loss of her husband to heartache over Prince Harry. But Her Majesty has also had a lot of cause for celebration, including the birth of baby Lilibet.

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