Cancer patient ‘becomes first person to die after Covid-19 reinfection’

An 89-year-old Dutch cancer patient is believed to be the first person to die after being reinfected with coronavirus.

The woman, who was receiving treatment for cancer at the time, was found to be infected with 'genetically different' strains of Covid-19 in two separate episodes two months apart.

It remains a mystery whether people can become reinfected with the virus.

In this case, the patient never tested negative for Covid-19 between her first and second appearances in hospital.

A negative test would have taken doctors closer to proving that she recovered following the first infection, potentially proving the second admission was not a resurgence.

After testing positive for coronavirus the first time, she was admitted to hospital with a bad cough and a fever.

Her symptoms disappeared and she was allowed to go home after five days.

She then returned with the same symptoms 59 days later, only two days after starting new chemotherapy treatment for her lymphoma, the Mail Online reports.

She tested positive for coronavirus and died three weeks later.

The doctors who reported on her case said Covid-19 samples from the two tests were genetically different.

They claimed: "It is likely that the second episode was a reinfection rather than prolonged shedding."

The report was produced by scientists and doctors from various institutions in the Netherlands, led by Dr Marjolijn Wegdam-Blans at PAMM Laboratories in Veldhoven.

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