Cartel hit squad brutally executes six police officers on their morning workout

Six police officers were shot dead and three more injured after a group of armed men ambushed them during their morning workout.

Multiple municipal police officers arrived at a training area in Barrio de San Judas within the municipality of Calera, Zacatecas, and began working out on the morning of Wednesday, September 28.

At approximately 9.30am, a group of armed men entered the training area, carrying firearms and opened fire on the officers.

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Just minutes later, according to NTR Zacatecas, Rafael Gonzalez, the police director, and the deputy director pulled up to the area in a vehicle when they were approached by the same group of men.

Both of the men were also shot multiple times. It is thought that at least five officers in the training area bled to death from the gunshot wounds they sustained.

When emergency services arrived multiple men, including the police director and the deputy director, were found to still be alive and were rushed to hospital for treatment.

However, Mr Gonzalez succumbed to his injuries while being transported, bringing the death toll up to six.

Three more are still in hospital receiving treatment for their injuries.

The Governor of Zacatecas, David Monreal Avila publicly expressed his condolences to the families of the policemen.

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He also instructed the various law enforcement and military agencies on the Security Roundtable to find the attackers so that "justice will prevail".

Mr Monreal said: "Those who are at the forefront of the strategy to provide peace to the people of Zacatecas have the full support of the government I lead. In this, as in all cases of violence that threaten their integrity, we will do what is necessary so that justice prevails."

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Residents in the local area heard the bullets ringing out with loud bangs and some took to social media to share clips where you could hear the disturbing sounds.

While none of them showed any graphic content, they depicted the sound of multiple gunshots.

The Calera municipal police have been targeted by the cartel in the past, as the previous deputy, Ricardo Lamas Campos, was also killed last year.

And in February of this year a narco message sign was hung on a road sign that leads to Rancho Blanco, within Calera.

It warned: "We are coming for you and your whole gang of scumbags, from Toribio de Calera and Santiaguillo."


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