Cat man who murdered his own mum kicked out of court for meowing

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A man accused of killing his mother and aunt in Argentina, dubbed 'cat man' by local media, was thrown out of a courtroom in the city of Mendoza, Argentina on Tuesday after refusing the judge's order to stop meowing like a feline during his trial.

Nicolas Gil Pereg, who is originally from Israel, is accused of a double homicide of his relatives, who were visiting from Israel in 2019.

Gil Pereg had previously asked the judge if he could have his pet cats with him in the psychiatric hospital where he is being held during his trial. In a video released by the Mendoza district attorney's office, Gil Pereg begins to imitate the meow of a cat in court while refusing to answer questions from prosecutors.

"Mr. Gil Pereg, before the entry of the jury I warned you that if you wanted to remain in the courtroom, you should do so in silence, with respect and decorum," Judge Laura Guajardo says before ejecting him.

Local media said his lawyers are expected to ask the court to declare him mentally incompetent to face criminal charges.

The bizarre 'kitty act' is one of many strange stories to have emerged worldwide since countries relaxed their Covid restrictions on courtrooms.

In September, a man was shot dead in an American courtroom after he ran towards a judge who had found him guilty of false imprisonment.

North Carolina resident Christopher Thomas Vaughan was shot by a police officer at the Person County Courthouse on Thursday, 9 September.

Vaughan reportedly shouted and threw his chair before running towards the judge and attempting to seize the bailiff’s weapon during a struggle with two officers, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.

A Roxboro police officer shot Vaughan in the head and he later died at Duke University Hospital, the bureau announced.

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