Cat survives huge fall during American Football match as cheers erupt in stadium

A very lucky cat has survived a treacherous fall after clinging to the balcony of a giant sports stadium during an American Football game.

The feline visitor was in the packed Hard Rock Stadium in Florida, USA, as it struggled desperately to save itself after somehow falling over the arena's balcony.

Multiple videos show the black-and-white cat barely holding on to the edge, as visitors at the Miami Hurricanes home opener against Appalachian State tried in vain to pull it to safety.

In a horrifying clip, it is seen wriggling around before falling several feet into to main arena, following by the crowds erupting into cheers when they realise it has survived.

Footage shows visitors jumping and cheering across the stadium, many wearing orange football shirts.

According to, Miami Hurricane fans used a flag to catch the frightened cat after it fell from the upper deck.

The rescuers were identified by the Miami Herald as season ticket holders Craig and Kimberly Cromer, who always bring a football flag to games.

When the couple realised what was happening, they sprung into action – Craig ripped his flag free and the pair stretched it out to create a landing pad.

They stood waiting for a couple of minutes, as the terrified cat reportedly urinated on the crowds below, before it lost it grip and tumbled down into the waiting flag.

“This is my first catch," Craig said.

The stadium later tweeted that it had landed safely after a "harrowing fall".

The Twitter account said: "We are happy that due to the heads up nature of fans in sections 107, 110 & 208 the cat landed safely after a harrowing fall. We wish the cat the best in his remaining eight lives."

The stadium has also donated to local animal shelter Humane Society Miami, and encouraged fans to do the same.

It remains unclear how the cat ended up on the balcony, or where it is now.

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