Cats bizarre chirping noises make poor kitten jump in fright in hilarious clip

We all need a Monday morning pick-me-up, so let this viral TikTok video of a kitten shocked by its own mother do the trick.

The video, posted by xz6125, shows the little fur baby looking confused, and jumping in fright, after its mother starts chirping at something in the room.

And to make it even cuter, when the large orange mother cat stops the noise and goes back to “normal cat” mode, the youngster hisses in shock.

The video has been viewed more than 1.9 million times, and has been a hit with TikTok users.

Anastasija Ceri-Lynn Gordon wrote: “I also like when mom looks at her baby with a look say (sic) what did I do?”

And Sam Whitehead321 point out that “children today need some of what mom’s been dishing out”.

She added: “Baby kitten reaction is like Mom been laying down strong discipline.”

The account where the now-viral video originated from has several videos of the mother cat chirping and living her best cat life

According to, a cat usually chirps when it sees a prey animal, such as a bird or squirrel. Most domestic cats are well aware that they can't jump through the window to get that bird.

They can see the prey, but can't get at it, making the chirp a noise of frustration. Or they may simply be excited and happy when they see a bird.

And, just like when a cat meows (or shouts at) a human, chirping isn’t known to be something cats do to each other, which is why this little kitten looked so shocked.

The video comes just a week after a pair of cats went viral on Reddit after being pictured hugging on a roof.

The cute snap was uploaded by user monk/_memer with the post racking up more than 23,100 upvotes and 500 comments.

In 2015, a study showed that there were more than two million vat videos on YouTube, with a combined viewership of more than 25 billion views – around 12,000 views per cat video.

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