Chaos erupts on streets of Paris with protesters furious at Macron

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Protests have erupted across France after President Emmanuel Macron forced through a controversial new pension reform.

Opposition politicians and members of the French public are furious after Mr Macron used article 49.3 of the French constitution to ensure the policy will pass without being voted on.

Many have taken to the streets in Paris to voice their anger, but reports are also describing demonstrations elsewhere.

Local media in Bordeaux reports that hundreds of people are demonstrating against the policy.

France Bleu also reports that protests have popped up in the towns of Amiens, Lille and the northern Picardie region.

Opposition politicians also made their feelings clear today.

Leader of the far-right National Rally, Marine Le Pen, said she will file for a vote of no confidence and called on French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to resign.

Even a member of Mr Macron’s party, Eric Bothorel, was not happy with Mr Macron’s decision.

He added: “We should have put it to a vote. We owed that to the opposition, to those who demonstrated their disagreement always in a calm and dignified manner. Defeat or victory, democracy would have spoken.

“I waver between disappointment and anger.”

Mr Macron’s pension reforms will see the retirement age in France raised from 62 to 64 by 2030, infuriating unions as a result.

If a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister Borne succeeds, she will likely resign and Mr Macron may have to dissolve Parliament.

But it is more likely to fail. In this scenario, opposition politicians could try and secure a referendum on the policy or appeal against it on a constitutional basis.

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