Charles Bronson says he wants to live behind bars after he gets out of jail

Caged criminal Charles Bronson has said he wants to live behind bars – when he gets out of jail.

The man dubbed the “most violent prisoner in Britain” has bought himself a caravan by the sea and wants it modified to look like his prison cell.

Bronson also claimed he has a job lined up for when he is freed – at a crime museum.

Speaking to son George on the Anything Goes podcast, he said: “I’ve a six-berth caravan what you sorted for me.

“Even though I’ve asked you to put bars on the windows and barbed wire on the roof.

“I’m going to do my art, make a living with my art.

“I’m going to do a lot for charities, I’m going to do my training. And I’ve got a job at the crime museum.

“So there’s everything waiting for me out there.”

Despite spending almost all his adult life in jail with a reputation for beating up other prisoners and guards, the 68-year-old insisted he is no longer a danger to society.

Talking from HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes, Bucks, Bronson, who has changed his name to Salvador, added: “I’ve come to that stage in my life where I’m able to walk away.

“I’m polite to people. I’m respectful. I’m no danger to anybody. I just want to live a beautiful, lovely life.

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“I’m not far off 70 and I’d like to think that when I’m 70 I’ll be out enjoying my life.”

Last month Bronson said he was a "magnet to women" – and that he could be out of prison by the end of the year.

The revelations came as son George Bamby appeared on the YouTube podcast Anything Goes with James English before the full interview aired on March 3.

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Bamby came forward in 2018 over his claims that he is the long-lost son of notorious lag and has spent the majority of the past four decades in prison for various violent crimes.

During the podcast, Bamby phones his dad in prison for a chat.

After meeting his estranged father, two DNA test results proved pretty conclusively that the criminal had a 99.98% chance of being George's father, Wales Online reports.

But that is reportedly not enough for some people, with George saying in his latest interview that many people still don't believe the notorious criminal is his dad.

Responding to those claims, Mr Bronson said: "The facts are on the table. There's no disputing I was with your mum.

"We know she was a raving lunatic.

"I'm like a magnet – I always magnetise lunatics to me anyway, that's not disputed."

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