Charles Bronsons wild antics – wrapping hostage like turkey to naked rumble

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    The UK's most notorious inmate, Charles Bronson, has had his parole bid denied for the eighth time.

    The infamous lag, 70, appeared before the parole board this month in his latest bid for freedom and claimed he was "never a danger" to the public and "hates violence".

    But in the nearly 50 years since he was first jailed back in 1974 Bronson, also known as Charles Arthur Salvador, has engaged in some pretty wild – and often aggressive – antics, from taking hostages to his nine rooftop protests.

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    The Daily Star reflects takes a look at some of Bronson's most outrageous escapades.

    "Wrapping up" a hostage like a Christmas turkey

    Bronson has admitted to taking 11 hostages over the years, including deputy governor Adrian Wallace in 1994.

    The unsuspecting victim was trapped by the armed robber for five hours at Hull Prison and beaten so badly he was forced to take five weeks off work.

    At his parole hearing, Bronson confessed he "couldn't stop taking hostages" during the peak of his violence.

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    "I was battling against the system… it was my way of getting back," Bronson confessed.

    "There's nothing better than wrapping a governor up like a Christmas turkey."

    Asked about Wallace, Bronson admitted he had no remorse for the situation, which caused the ex-governor to suffer from PTSD.

    "That was 30 years ago and I've moved on from that long ago," Bronson added.

    "Governor Adrian Wallace was an a***hole, is an a***hole and will die an a***hole."

    Naked Lurpak "rumble"

    In 2014, Tottenham-supporting Bronson "lost it" after Arsenal won the FA Cup and smothered himself in butter to attack 12 prison guards.

    The lag said in a letter addressed to pal Kate Kray – the ex-wife of Ronnie Kray – he covered his naked body in Lurpak as he hoped the slippery substance would make it harder for guards to restrain him.

    An insider at the Yorkshire jail said at the time: "The staff trying to restrain Charlie could not take him down. He was naked and covered in butter."

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    But the incident left Bronson a little worse for wear and he claimed he emerged from the brawl with "broken ribs".

    "Not good news. I’ve had another rumble," he confessed.

    "Obviously I had my reasons and I’d sooner swallow teeth than my pride. Sadly I came off worst – got smashed-up ribs. Life goes on Kate! You won’t hear me moan!"

    Viral nude dance

    Stripping off is nothing new for Bronson, who also went starkers in the hallways of a prison where he was being held for his violent crimes.

    A viral CCTV clip of the incident showed the lag dancing in the buff and jumping up and down in the hallways of a prison, which then showed a crowd of armed prison guards approaching him.

    The footage was featured in the Channel 4 documentary Charles Bronson: Fit to be Freed? which explained: "In 2007 shocking footage was posted online claiming to show how Bronson behaved in the solitary units."

    Digging for freedom

    While Bronson was a prisoner at Wandsworth jail, he was caught trying to dig his way out of his cell.

    The incident saw the inmate thrown into isolation for four months, after which he sought out a prisoner he'd mentioned his escape plan to and attacked him, leaving him scarred for life.

    He was then transferred to Pankhurst Prison on the Isle of Wight, where he had previously been incarcerated, and attacked a fellow prisoner with a jam jar.

    Despite his aggressive past, Bronson maintains he "hates violence".

    "They keep f***ing drumming it into the public I'm a danger," Bronson declared in a recent prison voice note heard by Sky News.

    "Who am I a danger to? I've never been a danger to the public."

    He added: "I hate violence, I despise it and that's all I've done for the last 10 years, sit in my cell, a model prisoner, polite, respectful but they still won't let me out."


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