Check the latest rules in your area after three-tier system announced by Govt

The government has announced the UK will be plunged into a three-tier system.

It is expected to soon go live with a postcode checker.

But in the meantime, a tool published by MirrorOnline allows you to check the current rules in your area.

In addition to that, alarming maps show that most of the UK’s regions are Tier 1 areas, marked Medium on the new scale.

For people in this tier the lockdown rules are more-or-less unchanged form last week. They include the “rule of six” as well as a 10pm curfew for bars and pubs.

You can check your own postcode here:

If your area falls into tier 2, or "high", you are obliged to follow all the tier 1 rules, but any indoor interactions between separate households or support bubbles are also banned.

The rule of six remains in force when meeting outdoors.

Tier three, the highest category covers those areas in England where virus is transmitting rapidly and where NHS facilities are at risk of being overwhelmed.

No social mixing of any kind is permitted in these areas, either indoors or outdoors.

Pubs and bars will also be told to close in areas marked as "very high" – but schools and universities will continued to operate as normal.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, England's deputy chief medical officer, said he was concerned because the latest data reveals that Covid-19 is "heating up" in more areas of England compared to last week’s figures.

He said said the latest maps show that coronavirus rates in the Midlands and South have climbed noticeably since he presented data to MPs and the House of Lords just three days ago.

Presenting the latest data at a Downing Street briefing, he said there had clearly been a "marked pick-up" in cases in England as a whole, which would result in more deaths.

Professor Van Tam added: "I received these slides this morning. I showed very similar data to MPs and the House of Lords on Friday and the brown chart had not extended that far south.

"It has changed in a matter of just a few days and that is clearly of concern to me."

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