China alert: Beijing blames US for NO FLY zone ‘provocation’ -risked ‘unexpected incident’

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Beijing has now lodged “stern representations” with the United States. They accused Washington of flying a US U-2 reconnaissance plane over a Chinese live-fire military drill. The incident happened on Tuesday and has increased tensions between the two nations.

White House bureau chief Steve Herman tweeted: “China complains of a naked provocation by the US.

“Claiming a U-2 reconnaissance plane flew into a no-fly zone over Chinese military drills.”

Beijing charged the US with violating the no-fly zone and “seriously interfering in normal exercise activities”.

Beijing added this could have easily caused a misunderstanding or misjudgment or an “unexpected incident”.

The Chinese defence ministry added: “It was an act of naked provocation, and China is resolutely opposed to it, and have already lodged stern representations with the US side.”

It is not yet known where the incident happened but China is currently carrying out drills in the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, and the South China Sea.

China has now demanded, “the US side immediately stop this kind of provocative behaviour and take actual steps to safeguard peace and stability in the region.”

China and the US have been observing each other’s military manoeuvers around the Strait of Taiwan amid concerns that Beijing is hoping to claim the island as part of president Xi Jinping’s expansionist efforts.

A senior US military advisor has claimed that China could capture the island of Taiwan in as little as three days.

A recent simulation showed how there could be armed conflict in the region when the US is preoccupied with coronavirus and the political upheaval of a presidential election.

The scenario, known as Operation Red Province, begins with major Chinese military exercises in December 2020 – which the US would likely dismiss this as mere sabre-rattling.

Referencing the simulation of potential future conflict, retired US admiral James Winnefeld Jr said: “The operation unfolded quickly, beginning on the evening of 18 January, two days before the scheduled, and still in-doubt, US presidential inauguration.

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“A message was transmitted to Taiwan’s leaders that they had the option of immediate peaceful capitulation or armed coercion.

“In the scenario, Chinese media highlighted the presence of thousands of ballistic and cruise missiles in launching positions capable of targeting key facilities on Taiwan.

“An immediate sea and air blockade of the island was announced, pending Taipei’s decision on Beijing’s ultimatum.

“At the same time, the Chinese navy’s amphibious forces, including an enormous number of fishing vessels quickly pressed into service, got underway in preparation for landing Chinese ground forces on the island’s west coast, and air defense ships extended their umbrella over the island’s airspace.”

The U2 reconnaissance plane has been brought into this region because of the fears of future conflict between China and Taiwan.

It can be adapted quicker than military spy satellites and provides day and night, high-altitude observations over enemy territory and can fly at 21,300 meters.

It is known as an all-weather intelligence gathering plane.

The design has been in operation with the US airforce since 1955.

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