China and Russia ARE backing Taliban, says spokesman in bombshell interview

Taliban spokesperson grilled over 'not renouncing' Al-Qaeda

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Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen has told Sky News that the new Taliban regime in Kabul has been receiving support from China and Russia. Shaheen was asked which countries the Taliban were looking to forge ties with following their takeover of Afghanistan. He stressed the organisation wish to the “cooperation of all countries” in the rebuilding of Afghanistan before boasting the Taliban enjoyed “good relations” with Beijing and Moscow.

Shaheen told Sky News: “We do not have allies as such and we are not members of any bloc…military bloc.

“But want we want that we seek is the cooperation of all countries in the construction of Afghanistan.

On Russia, Pakistan, and China the Taliban spokesman said:: “We are having good relations with them.”

“We are getting political support from China and also Russia,” he added.


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