China plotting to exploit Russia template to expand into Indo-Pacific Needs excuse

China plotting to exploit Russia 'template' to expand into Indo-Pacific

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China is reported to be plotting to capitalise on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by using the Kremlin’s rhetoric to justify similar aggression in the Indo-Pacific. Vladimir Putin has attempted to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on security grounds, painting NATO as a potential threat. Now Beijing has been tipped to try the same with the Quad alliance countries. 

WION presenter Palki Sharma said: “China’s objective is quite clear, step one normalise what Putin is doing in Ukraine and step two, use that template in the Indo Pacific.

“That’s where the Quad comes in, China needs an excuse for its expansionism in the Indo Pacific.

“Putin has given them that excuse. So-called security concerns that is the excuse and who is causing those concerns? According to China, the Quad.

“Beijing says the Quad is doing in the Indo Pacific what NATO is doing in Europe.”

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She continued: “Frankly, it does not make any sense the Quad and NATO could not be more different.

“NATO is a military alliance. they have a collective security promise.

“Quad is anything but a military alliance, they talk about climate change supply chains, vaccines, basically anything but defence.

“NATO also has clarity on its rival during the Cold War it was the Soviet Union, now it is Russia.”

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The WION presenter added: “The Quad, on the other hand, is yet to even name China as the Quad leaders keep saying the quad is not against anyone, it is for something.”

It comes as US President Joe Biden expressed concern India, a key Quad group member, was “somewhat shaky” in acting against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

While the other Quad countries – the United States, Japan and Australia – have sanctioned Russian entities or people, India has not imposed sanctions or even condemned Russia, its biggest supplier of military hardware.

“In response to his aggression, we have presented a united front throughout the NATO and in the Pacific,” Biden told a business forum on Monday, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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“The Quad – with the possible exception of India being somewhat shaky on some of these – but Japan has been extremely strong, so is Australia in terms of dealing with Putin’s aggression.”

India has urged an end to the violence in Ukraine but has abstained from voting against its old Cold War ally Russia.

Even though India has grown close to the United States in recent years, it still depends on Russia for a continuous supply of arms and ammunition amid a Himalayan border standoff with China and perennial tension with Pakistan.

India is also considering buying more Russian oil at a discount, with two Indian state companies recently ordering 5 million barrels.

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