China snowstorm: Record-breaking extreme blizzard pummels region in freak weather event

Heavy snowstorm has pummels China's north-eastern region

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An extreme snowstorm is wreaking havoc across north-eastern China, as record-breaking blizzards sweep across the region. Meteorologists studying the snowstorm claim it was an extremely random and sudden extreme weather event, according to the BBC. One city in China, Shenyang, experienced its highest amount of snow in 116 years.

Shenyang, in the Liaoning province, was submerged after the average snowfall reached 51cm (20 inches).

This marks the highest recorded snowfall since 1905.

Large parts of Inner Mongolia have also been cut off as heavy snow left one person dead and affected more than 5,600 people.

A total of 27 red alerts were issued across Inner Mongolia and north-eastern China – the highest warning alert for snowstorms.

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Meteorological researchers in the city of Tongliao told the state-run outlet the Global Times that the snowstorm was a freak event.

BBC Weather tweeted: “Heavy snowstorm has pummelled China’s north-eastern region, bringing some areas to a standstill.

“Snow easing next couple of days.”

Temperatures plunged by 14 degrees in just a matter of days after the big freeze started last Sunday. 

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Officials later implemented a major meteorological disaster response to speed up the emergency services after the blizzards.

Many affected cities have also suspended classes, roads, and airports into next week. 

The local meteorological centre said the snowstorms were likely to continue until Tuesday, but that the most severe of the blizzards was over. 


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There have been concerns about keeping homes warm since the region was hit by power outages earlier this year.

The northern regions were particularly impacted by the rolling blackouts in September.

Officials in northwest China have responded by ramping up coal imports and maximising energy production capacity.

Authorities also urged grocery stores to increase food supplies and reduce prices.

Meteorologists tied the unusually early snow to the La Niña weather phenomenon.

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