China warning: Trump threats to cut ties are ‘impossible’ to keep, says ambassador

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President Donald Trump on Thursday renewed his threat to cut ties with China, a day after US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told Congress he did not see decoupling the US and Chinese economies as a viable option. Mr Trump wrote on Twitter: “It was not Ambassador Lighthizer’s fault (yesterday in Committee) in that perhaps I didn’t make myself clear, but the US certainly does maintain a policy option, under various conditions, of a complete decoupling from China.” But the Chinese ambassador to France has said the US would “shoot itself in the foot” by cutting ties.

Speaking to France24, Lu Shaye said: “The Cold War is not what China wants.

“I think the foreign minister wants to say, we don’t want a Cold War.

“Our foreign policy has always been constant.

“It’s a policy of peace and independence.

“When it comes to the US, the Chinese Government has adopted a position based on making sure the cooperations, coordination, and stability should govern our bilateral relations.

“Even if the Trump administration has been pushing for cutting ties, this is not what we want.

“We believe that it isn’t even possible to cut ties with China.

“I think that if Americans should apply this policy, they would be shooting themselves in the foot.”

The world’s two largest economies have been at loggerheads over the handling of the coronavirus pandemic and China’s move to impose security legislation on Hong Kong, among multiple points of friction that have worsened this year.

President Trump last month signalled a further deterioration in the relationship, saying he had no interest in speaking to President Xi Jinping right now and suggesting he could even cut ties with the world’s second-largest economy.

Mr Lighthizer, asked about US-China ties during a hearing of the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday, said the issue of decoupling was “a complicated one.”


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He said: “Do I think that you can sit down and decouple the United States economy from the Chinese economy?

“No, I think that was a policy option years ago. I don’t think it’s a reasonable policy option at this point.”

His office had no immediate comment on Trump’s tweet.

Mr Lighthizer said he expected to see more supply chains moving to the United States because of tax and regulatory changes, but also noted that the US-China trade deal would result in significant positive changes and increased Chinese purchases of US goods and services.

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