Chinese torturer electrocuted genitals of Muslims tied to punishment chair

A former Chinese police officer has blown the whistle on how prisoners are brutally tortured in the country's Xinjiang province.

Jiang, 39, claims he fled China last year and is currently hiding in an EU country seeking asylum.

Three years ago he arrived in Xinjiang as part of China's 'Building Xinjiang' policy, and worked in the 're-education camps' where many of China's Muslim minorities, particularly Uyghurs, are tortured according to previous reports.

Jiang is the first ever whistleblower from inside the Chinese security services to confirm these reports.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Mail, he discussed how he tortured victims as young as 14, trying to work out if they had subversive tendencies before sending them to join the estimated two million others locked in China's interment camps.

Some methods were quite rudimentary.

He explained: "There would be three officers in a room kicking and punching people, using whips on their naked backs. They used belts – which is the cruellest method. People can’t last long and end up being beaten to death.

"They might not be allowed to sleep for a couple of days – sometimes the easiest ways are the worst and most effective. Afterwards they would go to hospital to be sewn back up."

He also discussed how he was trained to spot Uyghurs when he moved to the region.

The security forces, he added, monitored phones and used facial-recognition camera systems to keep the population under control and bring whoever they wanted in for torture.

According to Jiang, police also had a range of tools to inflict maximum pain on locked up Muslims. Sticks, chains and electrified batons were used to inflict blunt trauma, whereas plastic bags and water were used to suffocate.

He said that during one technique: "You fix a wire between two tips and then put that on their genitals to shock them."

There was also a special torture chair, which people could be locked in for up to two weeks and crammed in a room with 50 others writhing in pain.

Women in the prisons often received different torture than the men. During interrogations they'd be handcuffed and have their hands repeatedly slammed into a table.

"After two or three minutes, they’d be crying because it hurts so much," said the whistleblower.

Despite saying that many officials in China share his concern over the Muslim crackdown, Jiang explained that some of his colleagues seemed to enjoy it.

He described them as having "psychological abnormalities" that made it "fun to torture people".

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