Christian man apologises for bikini-shaming women – but says hed do it again

A Christian man who criticised a group of bikini-clad women for displaying "pornography" has apologised after the incident went viral.

Logan Dorn confronted the beachgoers and told them to "cover up" when he and his family visited a beach next to a reservoir in Colorado, US, last Wednesday (September 8).

He went on to defend his actions in a TikTok video, saying he felt a "righteous anger" and a "boldness by the Holy Spirit" to confront the women.

Logan was later sacked from his job at a construction firm Mighty Hand Construction.

Yesterday (September 14), he posted a new video on his TikTok account to apologise for his actions.

"I want to come before the world, I want to come before the ladies at the beach [and say] that I’m sorry," he says in the video.

"I apologise. I repent. I’m sorry the way I came off as judgmental, or angry and condemning. As a Christian, and to my fellow Christians out there, I'm sorry for the poor representation of Jesus at the beach."

He takes a pause and clasps his hands in front, adding: "If I could do it again, I really would. God did call me to come speak to you guys."

The three-minute-long video continues as Logan explains how Jesus sees the world and that he believes he was there to bring the message out to the women to "heal their hearts".

The man continued: "God is faithful and he wants to come in and restore you, I believe that's the message the ladies at the beach needed to hear and I'm sorry that's the message you didn't need to hear.

"I ask for your forgiveness and I repent."

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