Clocks going forward can be bad for your health as experts warn over heart-rate

Moving the clocks forward could be bad for your health, according to scientists.

Losing an hour’s sleep increases the number of hospital admissions for heart attacks.

It is thought the effect on the circadian rhythm, or body clock, can make the heart go haywire.

A study by experts at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York suggests heart attacks spike in the days after the annual loss of an hour.

It showed people at risk are those who already have existing heart conditions, especially those with atrial fibrillation.

The medical journal Sleep Medicine reported: “Daylight savings results in changes in circadian rhythms and disturbances in sleep duration that may last for weeks.

“This can affect heart-rate and blood pressure.”

The scientists said hospital admissions by those with problems increased 25% in the days after the clocks went forward.

They followed 6,000 people with issues over a seven-year period. In the study, women were more affected than men. The spring time changes have also been shown to increase injuries at work.

Moving clocks backward does not have the same effect on the human body.

In fact, a different study suggested that admissions drop after the autumnal move because people are getting more sleep.

Last year, the European Parliament voted to abandon daylight saving time.

The ruling is due to take effect next year but the UK has so far rejected the idea.

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