Clothes featuring sick serial killers Fred and Rose West found being sold online

Clothes featuring serial killers Fred and Rose West are being sold online.

The leggings and dresses are emblazoned with police mugshots of the pair.

Designed by a British artist, the leggings cost £40, while T-shirts start at £15.39 and dresses are from £31.53.

One horrified shopper said: “I was looking for a gift for my sister when I stumbled across these dresses and leggings with Fred and Rose West on them.

“How sick can you get? These two murdered girls and women, yet someone thinks it’s OK to plaster their faces all over ladies’ clothing. It’s vile.”

West was charged with 12 murders but took his own life in 1995 before being jailed. He claimed he had killed many more at his “House Of Horrors” in Cromwell Street, Gloucester.

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His wife Rose was convicted of killing 10 teens and young women. She was handed a life sentence without parole in 1995 and remains in jail.

RedBubble is selling the clothes online. Many of the West items only show up once the website’s “mature filter” is removed. The designer, based in Glasgow, describes himself as a “run of the mill geeky artist”.

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Last week, Channel 5 ran a documentary called Rose: Making Of A Monster.

In it, former lodger Jayne Hamer said she feared she would be the Wests’ next victim after moving in with them aged 17.

Meanwhile, a TV show was pranked into wishing a happy anniversary to the notorious murderers.

TVNZ issued an apology after the show aired, where a picture of the deadly couple was shown in the "Today's the Day" segment.

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