Colfax Marathon cancels its 2020 races amid coronavirus outbreak

The Colfax Marathon, an annual Denver race typically held in May, has officially canceled its 2020 event after initially postponing until fall.

“We are extremely disappointed to announce we will not be able to reschedule the Denver Colfax Marathon for the fall of 2020,” CEO Andrea Dowdy and Race Director Creigh Kelley wrote in a letter to runners that was also posted on its website. “COVID-19 has changed all of our lives and has put a stop to mass gatherings. With the newest Colorado Safer at Home guidelines we know that a safe, fun, robust race weekend this year won’t be possible.”

The race is allowing registered runners to either defer to 2021, defer to 2022 or run virtually this year. Runners have until June 30 to choose their option.

When the coronavirus outbreak first started, many spring races simply postponed until later in the year, including the Colfax Marathon and Bolder Boulder. But as the outbreak continues, races have decided to throw in the towel altogether.

The virus has been a double-edged sword for the running industry. On one hand, many people turned to the sport as it was one of the only activities that were safe in the beginning weeks of the outbreak. But on the other, races themselves worry social distancing guidelines may provide a fatal blow to their business models.

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