Comedian left urinating in a jar after heckler attack left him with broken leg

A comedian with decades of experience under his belt was left urinating "in a jar" after a horrifying heckler attack left him with a broken leg.

Simon Cain, from Billingham, was left with "horrific injuries" while performing on stage, when his comedy set was disturbed by furious audience member James Howorth.

The aforementioned heckler has received a suspended sentence at Blackburn Crown Court after leaving the comedian with a broken leg, in an incident where Simon was "side-swiped" and left with a broken tibia.

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Such injuries were no laughing matter and the comedian, who was taken down by attacker Howorth, 28, has since spoken out on the agonies of his injuries with TeessideLive.

Funny man Simon, describing himself as "one of the UK's most outrageous comedians" has said the incident has left him scared to get back up on the stage.

He said he felt anxious about getting back up in front of a crowd and was left temporarily unable to work due to the dreadful encounter.

Injuries received from the attack left the veteran comedian dealing with "trauma" after the incident, which left him with a broken leg and forced to relieve himself "in a jar" as he could not get to the toilet.

Simon said: "This guy was heckling and if you heckle a comedian, you expect something back."

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Howorth's heckling nuisances saw him "messing about with the microphone" while Simon was attempting to set up for his show.

He had asked the 28-year-old, who received a suspended sentence for the attack, to "put it down" and "leave it alone", but a later disruption from Howorth led to the breaking of Simon's leg and tibia.

The gig was then stopped after he was left in "excruciating" pain, with Simon driving the two hours back to Teesside after the encounter.

Howorth has since received a 12-week custodial sentence, suspended for 12 months for unlawfully and maliciously wounding causing grievous bodily harm.


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