Cooking With the Abundance of Maine

“The Maine Farm Table Cookbook” includes recipes from restaurants, farms, dairies and more across the state.

By Florence Fabricant

The harvest of Maine’s farms, as presented in “The Maine Farm Table Cookbook,” is not dramatically different from that of many other states. (Consider a recipe for corn pancakes.) But then there’s Maine’s distinctive abundance of seafood and a trove of recipes: lush grilled halibut with spiced butter sauce and snow peas, and lobster rolls from Luke’s Lobster, the Maine-based company with restaurants in New York and across the globe. The brightly photographed book profiles the restaurants, farms, dairies, markets, breweries, bakeries and other food producers that have contributed recipes; they’re highlighted in the table of contents to make them easy to discover. Sara Jenkins, the owner of Nina June in Rockport and Porsena in Manhattan (now closed), provided one of the simplest and best recipes for eggplant Parmesan you’re likely to find. Come winter you might not have the means to prepare the moose Bourguignon, but venison would work.

“The Maine Farm Table Cookbook: 125 Homegrown Recipes from the Pine Tree State” by Kate Shaffer (Countryman Press, $24.95).

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