Coronavirus: B.C. doctor asking businesses to help limit spread of COVID-19

A B.C. physician is calling for all businesses in the province to help limit the spread of the novel coronavirus by eliminating person-to-person transactions.

In an interview with Global News on Thursday, Dr. Dr. Alex van Duyvendyk said she started a petition calling on “businesses within our community to take appropriate and necessary measures due to COVID-19.”

The Kelowna physician said more than 400 people have signed the petition.

The petition can be found here.

The petition says:

“Please, we beg you, join us in battling this disease. The recently declared state of health emergency in B.C. has resulted in the obligatory closure of high-risk businesses (gyms, fitness centres, casinos, and bingo halls) and suggested strategies to mitigate spread at others.

“While we support these measures, we call on the B.C. business community to go even further and proactively close or transform their businesses in a way that eliminates person-to-person interaction.

“This will be a painful but necessary way to prevent community transmission of COVID-19.

“The downstream impact of early action by our business community will save lives and give our healthcare system a fighting chance. We would not ask this of you if we thought there was any other way.”

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