Coronavirus deaths in Italy overtake China as 3,405 dead in European country

Italy has overtaken China as the country with the most coronavirus-related deaths, registering 3,405 dead.

Deaths in the European country overtook China on Thursday, as cases in the country rose by 427 in a 24-hour period.

It represented a slight improvement form the day before, when Italy recorded 475 deaths from deadly COVID-19.

The total number of cases in Italy rose to 41,035 from a previous 35,713, the fastest rate of growth the country has seen over the last three days.

Italy's outbreak came to light in the north of the country on February 21, and shortly after the country went into lockdown.

Outbreaks soon followed in France and Spain, forcing governments to close schools, enforce strict fines and isolate individuals.

The United Kingdom is the latest to announce school closures, but has not yet implemented similar protocols as other European countries.

Boris Johnson's response to the virus has seen harsh criticism from world leaders who threatened to not let Brits into the country if he did not ramp up efforts.

Officials have labelled London a "city of super-spreaders" and said emergency measures were needed to contain the virus.

Despite this, Johnson today said he won’t consider closing pubs or public transport in the capital, despite half the virus deaths happening there.

Johnson said evidence suggests Londoners are doing well at obeying social distancing advice, although acknowledged that in some areas of the city it is "patchy".

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The death toll in the UK has risen to 137, with at least 2,626 confirmed cases – with almost 1000 of those cases in London.

Approximately four in 10 coronavirus-related deaths in the UK so far have been in London, PA reports, with 56 deaths occurring in the capital.

The news comes as Wuhan, the Chinese city where coronavirus originated, reported no new cases in one day.

It is the first time the country has recorded no new cases since the outbreak began in December last year.

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