Coronavirus: Keeping history alive in Kingston during these tough times

COVID-19 has taken its toll on numerous activities in Kinston, Ont., and culture and history are no exception.

The City of Kingston owns and operates two museums, one normally would have opened by now. And while the PumpHouse is closed municipal officials are making every effort to make sure the community can still access what they have to offer.

Jennifer Campbell, Kingston’s Cultural Heritage Manager, says they are inviting locals to visit online instead.

“We always love to welcome people to our doors, we love seeing people and sharing our history with them. But we can’t do that face to face right now so we’re trying to rise to that challenge.”

Campbell says even in this lockdown situation people can still enjoy what’s behind the walls of the Ontario Street landmark (PumpHouse). In fact, a new exhibit will be unveiled online over the next few days called “Collecting Histories,” a look at the city’s civic collection.

The City also owns and operates the MacLachlan Woodworking Museum. Campbell says it usually opens to the public in early May, however that won’t be the case this year as coronavirus safety measures continue.

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