Coronavirus: Pro cleaning companies busy during COVID-19 pandemic, Hamilton home cleaners struggle

Public health officials in Canada continue to speak about the importance of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in order to fight the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials say cleaning homes and workplaces often will help to prevent people from coming into contact with the potentially deadly new coronavirus, which can live for a period of time on commonly used surfaces.

As a result of these public health recommendations, some professional cleaning companies are seeing a bump in business.

However, not all cleaners are seeing more business due to the pandemic.

Some of Hamilton’s smaller home-cleaning businesses have joined the list of companies that have decided to shut down during the province’s state of emergency.

Darryl Weaver, who owns Three Little Birds Home Solutions, employs 25 workers to clean residential homes. Weaver says he made the decision to close after a 50 per cent drop in business.

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