Coronavirus: Tokyo aquarium appeals for people to video call the eels

An aquarium in Tokyo is asking the public to help its group of garden eels – by video calling them.

According to Toyko’s Sumida Aquarium in Japan, the creatures, which would usually see masses of people every day, are beginning to forget what humans look like, thanks to the coronavirus lockdown.

It adds that this could stress out the eels when the venue reopens, due to the sudden influx of visitors.

The lack of human interaction has also made it difficult for staff at the aquarium to check in on the eels, which burrow into the sand whenever keepers walk past their tank.

A statement on Sumida Aquarium’s twitter account said: “They don’t see humans, except keepers, and they have started forgetting about humans.

“Garden eels in particular disappear into the sand and hide every time the keepers pass by.

“Here is an urgent request – could you show your face to our garden eels from your home?”

The event, dubbed a “face-showing festival”, will take place between Sunday and Tuesday and wants to help those eels become accustomed to humans, for when the aquarium does eventually re-open its doors.

People are being asked dial into one of five tablets for the event using their Apple device, and talk to and watch the creatures.

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