Coronavirus: University of Regina professor exploring impact on mental health

With the growing concern surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, a University of Regina professor is exploring the impact it is having on people’s mental health.

“If we see somebody or know somebody who is having quite significant emotional concerns around this, that is part of adapting to this process.”

Asmundson recently received $400,000 in funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research for a COVID-19 research project: The Role of Psychological Factors in the Spreading of Disease, Discrimination, and Distress.

“It’s to explore the mental health aspect of COVID-19 so we can actually better understand people’s responses and those having significant fears and anxiety,” Asmundson said.

“There’s also those under-responding, who don’t see this as considerable threat.”

His project is being done in collaboration with Dr. Steven Taylor out of the University of British Columbia.

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