Couples hell in zoo council flats where people poo on the floor

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A couple living in a "horrendous" council-owned block of flats, which they compared to a "zoo'," are desperate to move out.

Louise Turner, aged 35, says she and her partner are "living in fear" and each week try and bid for a new council property to escape the flats where people "defecate on the floor."

She claims her flat "stinks of urine and weed" and said parking is a nightmare due to people "dumping untaxed cars in spaces."

Ms Turner further claimed that the sole lift at the seven-story tower block is prone to getting stuck; meaning she will no longer use it – while her disabled partner Angela Dexter, 56, relies on the lift to get to their third-story apartment.

Meanwhile, the couple – who each work 12-hour shifts – have been asking Sandwell Council for a designated disabled parking space for months – but have been left frustrated by a lack of action, BirminghamLive reports.

Ms Turner, who works as a recovery administrator, claims Sandwell Council has failed to act on a number of issues – including parking and noise complaints.

She also claimed there was a murder near the block of flats last year – referencing the death of Jack Barry, 19, who was stabbed in the chest with a knife on West Road, where Allen House is located.

"The situation is horrendous, it is like living in a zoo," said Ms Turner.

"It has been ongoing since me and my partner moved in, in December 2019.

"I can't sleep at night, my anxiety is through the roof.

"Every noise that I hear, I panic. My partner is a bit more complacent to it but it is like you are living in fear. You can't settle."

She continued: "I'm still waiting for a response about a disabled bay, my partner has a blue badge, she is registered disabled, she can only do certain types of work.

"We both work 12-hour shifts.

"We leave the house at 5.15am and don't get back to 7.30pm.

"There is nowhere to park, we have to park away from the flats."

Her partner, Ms Dexter, is disabled, as she suffers from 'vertigo' and cannot use the stairs due to an industrial incident 17 years ago which crushed her shoulders and injured her knee.

It means she can only use the lift to get to her front door, despite it 'always breaking down'.

"There is only one lift but everyday somebody is stuck in it," said Ms Turner.

"The lift smells.

"Somebody is either urinating in it or spitting in it.

"There have been times where human faeces has been on the floor downstairs.

"It is horrendous, honestly, it is like living in a zoo."

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There is frequent drug-taking, says Ms Turner, particularly cannabis, which means the couple "cannot open their windows due to the smell."

"I have alerted the council and the police to it but I am not getting anywhere with it," she added.

Ms Turner says she and her partner are in a "desperate" situation' and each week try and bid for a new council property.

In response to the story, Coun Charn Singh Padda, Sandwell Council’s housing boss, said: "Sandwell Council officers are working with the tenants on the issues that they have raised.

"An application for an accessible parking space is under consideration."

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