Covid-19 coronavirus: What to do if youre in Auckland

Aucklanders are being urged to mask up if they are using public transport to get home tonight and to avoid panic buying at the supermarket.

Queues are already building at checkouts and New World’s online shopping website has crashed.

One Covid-19 case has been detected in the Auckland community today, triggering a rush of people flocking to the supermarkets as panic buying kicks in again.

The All of Government response group is meeting this afternoon, and then Cabinet will meet.

The Prime Minister is expected to make a public statement this evening around 5:30pm or 6pm.

It is unclear if the positive case is linked the border or managed isolation.

“Anyone living in Auckland has to assume it will be the focus of investigation and control of this outbreak,” Epidemiologist Michael Baker said.

Baker said it was important for people who might have recently received one or even two vaccine doses to be vigilant.

“They just need to behave as if they’re still vulnerable. The vaccine’s good. It’s not perfect.”

Supermarket shopping

Auckland residents are being urged not to panic buy groceries this afternoon, and are being reminded that supermarkets will remain open if there is a lockdown.

Queues are already building at checkouts and New World’s online shopping website has crashed.

One shopper in East Auckland said toilet rolls are selling out fast.

Another customer said the Three Kings Countdown is “hectic” and there are long queues and a full carpark.

New World Birkenhead grocery manager Thilak said he has noticed an increase in customers in the past half hour. He said all the checkouts are open and there are long queues.

Thilak said there’s no need to panic as there’s lots of stock for everyone.

Public transport

Anyone in Auckland using public transport this afternoon, or who cannot socially distance in public spaces, is being advised to wear a mask as a precaution by the Ministry of Health.

Traffic is already building across the Supercity as people head home, and the bad weather hasn’t helped.

Auckland Transport is reporting delays across all motorways, with some routes already expected to take commuters twice as long.

Congestion levels are almost 40 percent more than the average at this time, according to GPS tracker Tomtom.

Public health

The Ministry of Health is reminding all New Zealanders of the basic public health measures of mask wearing, hand washing and using the Covid Tracer app.

Prime Minister’s office has also urged people to follow the following public health guidelines:

Stay home if you are sick, call your doctor or Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice about getting tested.

Keep on scanning QR codes

Wear a face covering on public transport and when you can’t keep 2 metre distance from others.

Practice good hygiene – wash hands often.

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