Covid-free music festival held as normal

While most music festivals over the bank holiday weekend switched to online streams one had a sell-out crowd.

Guernsey has been Covid-19 free since 27 May and ended social distancing in June.

It meant the Vale Earth Fair was able to continue to provide 12 hours of live music as it has done for 44 years.

The event proved so popular that some people who hadn’t purchased a ticket were turned away later as the site was at capacity.

About 3,500 islanders enjoyed bands, choirs, acoustic sets, DJs and spoken word across six stages in the grounds of the 600-year-old Vale Castle.

Due to pandemic border restrictions all the performers were from the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

One festival-goer told the BBC: “Everyone else in the world can’t do this and we are out here having freedom and not having to be scared – it’s wonderful.”

Others said it felt “amazing” and “fantastic” to be able to attend the event.

Organisers the Vale Earth Fair Collective lowered prices in a bid to help islanders suffering financially from the pandemic.

Yannic Bearder, from the collective, said: “It was a great day, lots of people out celebrating in the sun.

“It was unfortunate we had to turn some people away at the door towards the end of the day, but we can only let so many people on the site.

“It was amazing to see all those local acts and our thanks to them as well as all the volunteers who help us put on the festival.”

Profits from the event will benefit Burma Campaign UK, Free Tibet, and Safer Guernsey.

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