Creepy abandoned McDonalds with 90s promos could be hiding £300m pirate gold

An abandoned McDonald's, untouched since with 1990s with Jurassic Park promos on show, is an intriguing prospect alone.

But the possibility that also it's sitting on buried pirate treasure puts it on another level completely.

And we're not talking about the Hamburglar's hoard of Happy Meals – the restaurant in question may well be hiding a gold fortune worth more than £300million.

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The McDonald's fast food joint on the remote and isolated Adak Island hasn't been touched in more than two decades and still has promos for the original Jurassic Park, released in 1993.

However, there could be millions of pounds worth of undiscovered treasure on the island, which is a former US naval base halfway between Alaska and Russia.

According to Netflix’s new series, Pirate Gold of Adak Island, the treasure was buried in 1892 by seal poacher and pirate Gregory Dwargstaf who was running away from government officials.

He buried £365m worth of gold on the secluded island, leaving clues only he could solve. However, he died before he could dig it back up.

Two cans of gold coins, dated between 1880 and 1890, were found on Adak Island during the construction of the army base.

Loot, found in one tin in the 1940s, had an estimated value of £2.5million. It is still believed there are still hundreds of cans still buried across the island.

While the island was used as a military base, strict rules were in place forbidding locals from digging up the ground.

Following the base’s closure in 1997, many families fled from the area. Although more than 100 people still live on the island, no other treasure has been discovered in six decades.

This means that a creepy McDonald’s restaurant on the naval base that went viral on Twitter last year could be sitting above the undiscovered loot.

Twitter user @RealJezebelley previously tweeted a picture of the abandoned fast-food joint. The viral photo was captioned: “Abandoned McDonald’s on the remote Alaskan island still has the menu up with Bobby’s World and Jurassic Park promos.”

Many Twitter users were shocked at the pictures of the abandoned eaterie, including @IamSteveland, whose family allegedly owned the joint before the army base closed down.

He tweeted: “Created a Twitter just to say, my parents owned this McDonald’s store! We lived on Adak for 5 years and left when the navy base closed down. This is amazing to see!”

According to the Los Angeles Times, many of the town’s residents, including @IamSteveland’s family, fled the area when the naval base was abandoned in the 90s, with lots of businesses closing down as a result.

Other former local residents took to Twitter to share their stories regarding the remote fast-food store.

@GEIST_VIEW wrote: “Grew up on Kodiak and spent many days on Attu as a kid (Coast Guard). Remember still to this day going to that McDonald’s, was a big deal for us kids since the other McDonald’s was on Kodiak.”

Others pointed out the prices, stating how Alaskan prices were inflated due to their remote location

@SherlockSproul wrote: “These were 1990’s prices on a SUPER REMOTE ALASKAN ISLAND WHERE EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE, 25 years later we’re like: ‘Hey those are some good prices.’ That should scare us…”


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