Creepy mansion left abandoned after millionaire owner flees in the night

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Pictures on Google Maps show a creepy abandoned mansion left by its millionaire owner in the middle of the night.

The mysterious house in Hertfordshire was uncovered by an urban explorer back in May 2020.

Outside of the grand but decaying country pile was a Bentley car, rusting in the driveway, while the garden was overgrown.

But it was what the explorer found inside which was truly breathtaking.

The huge house not far from London had been abandoned in a hurry, with clean crockery still piled up in the dishwasher.

Games of snooker and chess had been left unfinished, while the kitchen ceiling had caved in.

Upstairs, designer clothes were hanging up in the wardrobes, with no clues as to who owned the mansion.

It was soon discovered that the owner of the house had been one Athanasios Tachmintzis, a 70-year-old Greek millionaire property


The father-of-five had bought the house back in 1999 for his large family, and lived there for almost two decades as a recluse with his two daughters and at least one of his sons.

His British-born wife Sharon died in 2004 at the age of 52 from cancer after 32 years of marriage.

The house was abandoned back in 2016 in a hurry, but with no clues left as to what had happened.

Now, pictures of the house have been uncovered on Google Earth, giving a new view of the creepy mansion.

Images found by Daily Star Online show a fleet of cars outside the abandoned house.

The property is set about 50 metres back from a road which winds through the wealthy Hertfordshire countryside.

From the road, it is almost impossible to see the property, which is hidden by a row of dense trees.

Another smaller house stands next to the property, but otherwise, it is isolated.

A rusty and overgrown metal gate on Google Maps is the only sign that the house is there.

Villagers who lived nearby to the family said Athanasios, better known as Thanos, was obsessed with security and once had guards positioned at the gates.

He also had three Dobermans on the grounds to protect his property.

Details for the house on property website Zoopla list it as having eight bedrooms and six bathrooms, as well as a whopping four reception rooms.

It isn't known how much the house is worth.

Thanos' son Athanasios had his business Mirai Industek Ltd was based at the property, according to Companies House.

It was incorporated in January 2014, but dissolved in April 2019.

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