Cruel mum who left daughter, 13, to die alone as she went to the pub is jailed

A cruel mum who left her teenage daughter to die alone while she went to the pub has been jailed.

Sharon Goldie neglected tragic 13-year-old Robyn for a year before her death, even failing to get her medical treatment when she was seriously ill.

Today the 45-year-old was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison, Glasgow Live reports.

Robyn developed peritonitis and died after suffering a perforated duodenal ulcer after her mother failed to get medical help.

Sentencing her at the High Court in Edinburgh, Lord Beckett said: "When your daughter became ill and was repeatedly trying to get to hospital you were substantially motivated by protecting yourself from closer scrutiny by the authorities which would have inevitably followed hospital admission.

"Yours was a crime involving considerable cruelty over a long period."

Goldie, of Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, Scotland, admitted wilfully ill treating and neglecting Robyn between July 12, 2017 and July 26, 2018, when her daughter died from a perforated stomach ulcer.

During that period Goldie struck her child, pulled her hair, bit her and spat at her. She allowed Robyn to drink alcohol and smoke cannabis while she failed to ensure she attended school.

Doctors said Robyn would have been expected to survive if her condition had been discovered.

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The court heard the child had begged her mum to seek help in the days leading up to her death and complained that she was "hurting all over".

Goldie accused her of "attention seeking" and told her to go inside the house when she tried to ask a neighbour to get her help.

The neglectful mother went to a local pub on the day of her daughter's death, returning home to find her unresponsive and slumped across a sofa.

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Goldie got a drink from the fridge and went outside with a friend. When the friend checked on Robyn she was found to be dead. An ambulance was called but Goldie told paramedics: "She's at it."

When she was told that her daughter had passed away she began wailing and said: "No. She cannot be."

The court heard that the child suffered horrifying neglect when living with her mother and at times was reduced to begging for money for food.

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Robyn had previously enjoyed a stable life while living with her grandmother, but returned to live with her mother in 2017.

Social workers monitoring the situation said there was often friction between them and the girl was unhappy with her mum's drinking.

Prosecutor Ashley Edwards QC said Robyn was described as "thin, dirty and unkempt" and lived in unhygienic conditions. She was exposed to cat faeces and urine and contracted fleas.

On the day of her death a social worker turned up at their home, but Goldie only spoke to her through the letterbox.

Defence solicitor advocate Marco Guarino said that Goldie had "significant mental and physical disabilities" and had suffered a serious, traumatic brain injury during her childhood.

He said she was "completely and utterly overwhelmed" by the circumstances surrounding her daughter's death and has shown grief.

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