Curry fan fears face of former PM Johnson in his korma could mean Boris return

One man experienced the shock of seeing the face of Boris Johnson in a chicken korma he was about to eat.

Jonathan Hoitinga, 40, works as a carer and was making a chicken korma ready meal for a client when he noticed the phenomenon.

The 40-year-old said that he found it hilarious that the yellow rice resembled Boris Johnson's "dishevelled" blonde hair but spoke of his worry that it could be a "premonition" that it could mean a return to Number 10.

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Mr Hoitinga did admit, however, Boris "couldn't do any worse than Liz Truss" with the right team around him.

The father-of-one said: "I was preparing dinner for one of my clients at their home. He said to me specifically he wanted the rice and curry kept separate. When I went to pick up the plate, I saw it.

"I said 'oh it looks like a face. It looks like Boris'. He found it funny. He said it looked like him then said 'well, I'm going to eat him now'.

"The chicken fell into place so it looked like a face. His hair is a bit dishevelled, it's part of the act. He doesn't have a sensible hair do, it's part of his thing."

Mr Hoitinga said he wouldn't support him again, despite voting for him in the 2019 election.

He said: "It could be a sign, you never know. You could say it's a premonition. I'm not a big fan but it wouldn't surprise me if he came back into politics with what's happening right now.

"I did like him and I did vote for him I'll be honest. Now I see how he's done, I wouldn't vote for him again.

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"I've always found him entertaining, he has a laugh but you need someone more serious running the country. He's fine if he's got the right people around him. He couldn't do any worse than Liz [Truss]."

The image on social media has gone viral and sparked mass attention with the post amassing over 700,000 likes, shares and comments.

Mr Hoitinga said: "Some of the comments are very funny, there's loads of insults. Most of them are quite negative regarding Boris.

"He does have some natural charisma. You can do a lot with charisma. Everyone I know who has met him has said he's a really nice person."


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