Dad angry at traffic jam attacked cops as they dealt with tragic fatal crash

A dad of four who was angry at being stuck in a traffic jam caused by a fatal crash was tasered after he attacked two police officers.

Roystan Nicholas, 42, an Iraq War veteran, was in the unmoving queue of cars near Osborne Street in Hull when he wound his car window down to shout abuse at nearby cops.

He called them “f****** useless” and said “you can’t even deal with a f****** accident,” Hull Crown Court heard.

In response, the police turned on their flashing lights and asked to see Roystan’s ID – but he refused, reports Hull Live.

A scuffle followed and Roystan reacted aggressively to the officers, swinging a punch at one and hitting another in the nose.

His knee hit one cop as he fell to the ground and he struck him more on the head as he was on the floor, prosecution said.

At this point the cop still standing used his taser to control the situation.

Sentencing him, Judge Menary told the dad that traffic was “a fact of life”.

He added: "Sometimes when there is an accident police have to mop up and carry out investigations and deal with victims' families and the fact that people are inconvenienced by that is just bad luck.

"Your conduct, in my judgement, was disgraceful and childish."

One officer was left with a bloody nose, saw jaw and swelling on his head.

He said the violence of the attack had been “petrifying” and in four years of policing it was the first time he feared for his safety.

"During the assault I feared I would be subjected to serious harm, all for doing my job,” he told the court.

Dale Brook, defending, said his client’s frustration was made worse by the uncertainty of his self-employed work over the pandemic.

But the lawyer said this was “no excuse” for his actions and added that Roystan is remorseful and has apologised to the cops.

Although the dad at first claimed he was being targeted because he was black, there was “no evidence whatsoever” of this in court.

The judge handed out a 12-month sentence, suspended for 18 months, and ordered him to carry out 250 hours of unpaid work as well as to pay the officers £500 each in compensation.

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