Daughter forced to murder own mum as she kicks chair away in gruesome hanging

A daughter executed her own mother by kicking away the chair as she was hanged, after she was condemned to die for the murder of her husband.

Maryam Karimi's husband allegedly abused her for years and refused to grant her wish of a divorce, the Daily Mirror reports.

Maryam's father Ebrahim attempted to convince his son-in-law to grant his daughter the divorce but to no avail and then proceeded to take part in the killing, according to reports.

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Maryam's now 19-year-old daughter was told about how her father died just weeks before her mother and grandfather were scheduled to be executed.

Under Iran's take on Islamic Law, it is the relatives of murder victims rather than the state who decide the killer's punishment and in Maryam's case, her daughter was the only one who could make this decision.

On February 22, 2021, Maryam and her father were transported to death row and just a number of weeks later, the daughter was taken to Rasht Central Prison to kick the chair out from under her own mum's feet.

Ebrahim was escorted to witness his daughter's lifeless body hanging from the gallows as in June this year, he was eventually killed in the same prison as his daughter.

Director of Iran Human Rights Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam spoke on the judicial system in Iran and said it's "converting" victims into executioners.

He explained: "The Iranian penal code, not only does it have inhumane punishment, but it also promotes violence on the society.

"In cases of murder where they talk about Qisas, or 'retribution-in-kind', what they actually do is they put the responsibility of an execution on the shoulders of the murder victim's family. So from being a victim, they are converted to becoming an executioner.

"But then it becomes even more brutal when we have these murders within the family."

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Mahmood says the regime puts the child in an "impossible situation" as they approach the child when they turn 18 before asking them to decide the fate of their family member.

He added: "They put the child in an impossible situation, where they say 'your mother has murdered your father', and it's you who's going to decide their fate."

According to Mahmood, families are pressured to choose blood over accepting money or choosing forgiveness.

"They're made to feel guilty if they don't ask for retribution. It's done using psychological pressure, so it's in a very subtle way, "he said.

"The number of people who choose, you know, blood money or forgiveness, instead of the death penalty is much higher than those who ask for a hanging," Mahmood added.

"Last year, there were more than 700 cases where the plaintiff either gave their forgiveness, or said no to that penalty and went for blood money."


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