David Fuller assaulted body of woman hours before her mother came to say goodbye

Murder and necrophile David Fuller sexually assaulting the body of a woman just hours before a devastated mother came to say goodbye.

Arza Kemal, 24, is just one of at least 100 victims of Fuller, who used his position as an electrical maintenance manager to assault his victims for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

Fuller got away with his crimes for years with victims ranging from nine to 100 years old.

Azra died after sustaining trauma, with a dislocated arm, cracked ribs and a pelvis that was split in half following a fall in Kent.

Her mother Nevres Kemal, from north London, felt comfort in visiting the morgue at Tunbridge Wells Hospital and spent hours by her daughter's side.

However, she was later told that her daughter had been "violated" on three occasions at the hospital morgue by Fuller.

Speaking to Sky News, Nevres said: "I had spent two hours in the mortuary sleeping with her. And that gave me some sort of comfort. Little did I know that my daughter had been violated prior to that day and the evening of that day.

"So, whilst I'm stroking my daughter's hair, sleeping on her hair, a man had… crawled all over her skin… And there's me kissing and cuddling and saying my last goodbyes."

Azra was tragically killed after she fell through the gap of the A21 dual carriageway in Tonbridge last year.

The first attack on Azra came just hours before her mother arrived to say farewell before Fuller returned to assault her again hours after Nerves left.

He also researched Azra online and reportedly read tributes from family and friends following her death.

Nerves mentioned Fuller seemed "very confident" to spend time with Azra and described him as "brazen".

She questioned how Fuller could have entered the morgue "without being stopped or asked what he was doing".

Nerves added: "We have swipe cards and cameras for a reason. How could they not have records that are automatically exposed to managerial people at the NHS trust?

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"No one checked. It was so simple. He would actually abuse women while porters were bringing in bodies."

Fuller pleaded guilty to killing Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce yesterday.

His guilty plea came more than 30 years after their deaths, which became known as the Bedsit Murders.

He had originally pleaded guilty to manslaughter but changed his mind midway through his trial.

Fuller’s vile crimes continued with assaulting dead women and girls at the hospital morgue.

He has already admitted to 51 other offences, including 44 charges relating to dead victims.

Fuller’s sentencing will now take place at a later date as he was remanded in custody following his change in plea.

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