Death Row lag set for inhumane injection which took three hours to kill inmate

A Death Row inmate is set to receive a controversial lethal injection which left a fellow inmate in hours of agony after an "inhumane" botched execution from prison chiefs.

Killer James Barber is set to receive the reintroduced execution method to end his life.

Lethal injections in the state of Alabama, USA were halted for a year after the horror execution of convicted killer Joe Nathan James Jr.

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The convict was sentenced for the fatal shooting of his girlfriend Faith Hall, 26, back in 1994, and was put to death in a lethal horror show which saw the inmate suffer through three hours of pain.

Barber, who was sentenced to death for the murder of Dorothy Epps in 2001, is scheduled to receive the lethal cocktail through an IV, which one year ago was used in the botched execution of murderer James Jr.

His death became the longest execution in US history, with the drawn-out execution due to a struggle with the IV fitting in the build-up to the drugs cocktail being administered.

An investigation into the botched death was launched after two executions in September and November 2022 were abandoned, Daily Mail reported.

Investigators took to looking at the style of execution as it was believed the procedure was violating the eighth amendment of the constitution, which protects against "cruel and unusual punishment".

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Despite the review into procedures, some have slammed the short-sighted findings after it was heard an extended window of death time would be allotted so officials had more time to insert the fatal IV tube.

An extra gurney strap was also recommended so inmates could be held down tighter than previous injections.

Human rights group Reprive US director Maya Foa said: "Given Alabama’s recent history of botched executions, it is staggering that James Barber’s lethal injection is set to take place.

"Extending the time frame for executions raises the chances that Alabama will set another record for the longest execution in American history, after the death of Joe Nathan James Jr last year."

Barber is nervous about his upcoming death sentence, saying he "does not know what to expect" when the lethal injection is carried out.

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