Debris found in search for Titan sub is ‘landing frame and rear cover’

A rescue expert and friend of two of the passengers onboard the Titan submarine has said that the debris found in the search for the missing craft is “a landing frame and a rear cover from the submersible”.

David Mearns told Sky News he is in a WhatsApp group called the Explorers Club and that the president of that club is “directly connected” to the ships scouring the site looking for the vanished sub.

According to Mr Mearns, the president told the group: “It was a landing frame and a rear cover from the submersible.”

Mr Mearns added: “Again this is an unconventional submarine, that rear cover is the pointy end of it and the landing frame is the little frame that it seems to sit on.

“It means the hull hasn’t yet been found but two very important parts of the whole system have been discovered and that would not be found unless its fragmented.”

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