Deepfake Putin announces mass mobilisation and martial law in hacked broadcast

A deepfake of Vladimir Putin seems to have convinced Russians of a mass mobilisation and "martial law" order after the station was hacked.

The Russian despot was the victim of an artificial likeness, which was promptly fed into TV screens across Russia, stoking fake fears of mandatory fighting against Ukraine.

With hackers broadcasting the "emergency appeal of the President" to hundreds of thousands, it would appear the message was thrown out onto television sets as a way of inciting fear.

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The deepfaked President could be heard speaking of the "insidious enemy", with Putin's likeness used in a fake broadcast in the midst of the Ukraine war.

The deepfake can be heard saying: "We need to pull all efforts of Russians together to defeat the dangerous and insidious enemy."

Russian authorities have since confirmed the station had fallen victim to unknown hackers and the deepfakes were broadcast nationally.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov confirmed the broadcast was a hoax and said: "Definitely there was no address. It is true that there were hacks in some regions. Now all this has been eliminated and taken under control."

Radio stations and local TV stations were victims of the deep faked address, with no suspects behind the broadcast identified.

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It scrambled local news stations who had to issue their own statements confirming the broadcast from the deepfaked President was not one which Russian civilians needed to listen to.

Russia's International Television and Radio Company MTRK issued a statement which blasted the "illegal tie-in" and video which was sent out on their channels.

Their statement read: "Today, from 12.41pm to 13.18pm, unidentified persons made an illegal tie-in with the substitution of the content of the information programs of the Mir TV channel and Mir radio.

"All information posted from 12.41 to 13.18pm has nothing to do with the Mir MTRK and is an absolute fake and provocation."

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