Denver airport down to 2 runways as winds whip Wednesday, causing cancellations

Denver International Airport is feeling the impacts of strong winds on Wednesday as delays and cancellations pile up.

A front moved into the Front Range on Wednesday, bringing a high wind warning that could mean gusts of 100 mph in the area. DIA already experienced a 60 mph gust Wednesday morning.

Already 106 flights have been canceled at the airport, with another 396 delayed.

Due to winds, the FAA placed DIA in a ground delay program through 6 p.m. The strategy will allow the airport to space out flights.

Currently, DIA is down to only two of its six runways due to the wind pattern, but officials at the airport say that could change throughout the day.

The FAA said that some arriving flights would be delayed, with the average wait being two hours and nine minutes due to the weather. Departing flights have been postponed on average about 15 minutes.

Officials at Denver International say they expect to see delays caused by the wind all day. They recommend that passengers check their flight status with their airline before going to the airport.

Getting to the airport will also be more challenging; the University of Colorado A Line is running less frequently due to the wind.

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