Desire to give it a go Russia pundit warns Putin ready to sober up West with gas stop

Russia: Commentator calls for Putin to ‘turn gas off’

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Skabeyeva claimed she was “not an extremist” but wanted to give turning off the gas supply a go. The Russian political pundit explained that Russia would not suffer if they decided to turn the gas supply to the West off for a year. Skabeyeva described turning off the energy supply as an experiment and explained why she had a “burning desire to do it.” Western geopolitical experts have been warning since the beginning of the illegal invasion in Ukraine that Putin may try and leverage energy against the West this winter.

Skabeyeva said: “Mikhail Gennadyevich, you and I are not extremists.

“But reading that Bloomberg article, which reports that if we give it a go and turn off the gas for a year and won’t suffer ourselves.

“A really burning desire arises to give it a go.

“And perhaps sober some of them up without very gesture, sort of an experiment.

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Experts have been warning of a possible retaliation aimed at the West by Putin, due to the sanctions imposed on Russia at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin has been making things difficult for many countries around the world.

One of the ways has been disrupting Ukraine’s grain supplies, which are shipped to countries that heavily rely on their stock.

Putin leveraging oil and gas is set to be the next this winter.

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Russia faced with ‘counter offensive’ from Ukraine

Dr Marina Miron, of the Centre for Military Ethics at King’s College London told that Russian President Putin will “use the ‘energy’ card” in order to “destabilise”  Britain and many other countries in the European Union during the incoming winter months.

Ms Miron added: “The choice for the UK would be to rely on nuclear power and coal with the latter being at odds with the current shift in energy policies towards clean energy.”

Many Britons have been worrying about the energy crisis in the UK, and have been calling on the Government to act now and do more in order to tackle it.


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Ongoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson has blamed the energy crisis on Putin.

Mr Johnson said: “I’m afraid there’s a global spike in energy costs driven by Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.

“Putin’s position, Putin’s ability to blackmail, to exercise leverage over us and over the rest of the world will diminish week by week, month by month, and we will get through this, and in the end, we will be in a much better position.

“[At] the other side [we] will have more of our own energy to rely on, and the bills will eventually come down.”


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