‘Devil-worshippers’ cut out homeless man’s heart and ‘behead him while alive’

A ''Satanic cult' is said to have carved out a homeless man's heart and cut off his head while he was still alive.

'Devil-worshippers' reportedly butchered the body of Marcos Correa in a gruesome ritual crime in General Lopez, Argentina, near a pagan pilgrimage site dedicated to Saint Death.

Police have arrested at least one suspect over what they believe was a ritualistic killing after the victim's body was found on October 14.

Mr Correa was last seen on September 27 and he was reported missing by his family ten days later. His body was found with the heart removed and head chopped off.

Authorities believe he was homeless which they think would have made him more vulnerable to be targeted by the sick killers.

Mr Correa was found buried next to a small area used to praise San La Muerte, which means Saint Death in Spanish.

Local media have reported that the ritual sacrifice started "while the victim was alive".

His uncle German Ibanez said: "We are still wondering why he was killed. I link it to a ritual because of the way in which they did it."

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Prosecutor Eduardo Lago slammed the "abhorrent crime".

He said: "Never in my 15 years as a prosecutor have I had to investigate such an abhorrent crime committed with so much hate and cruelty.

"This is evil in its purest state, it is not insanity. It is a conscious decision for evil.

Police have arrested a man identified as Carlos L, 34, as the main suspect for the murder.

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He is reported to have often posted satanic images on his social media accounts.

Mr Correa's body was found after police received an anonymous tip from a friend of the suspect who told them he had revealed details of the horrific murder.

The suspect had reportedly told close pals the body's location.

Carlos has been charged with the triple aggravated homicide for cruelty, malice aforethought and religious hate. He remains in custody.

Prosecutor Mr Lago says they have "very solid" evidence to bring a trial against him.

The skeletal figure of Saint Death is mainly celebrated in Argentina, southern Brazil and Paraguay.

It has been criticised by the Catholic church who say it mixes paganism with Christianity. The church has previously branded it "satanic".

But worshippers have been known to make sacrifices in the figure's honour before.

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