Disgusting moment poo pours through ceiling and floods couple’s new apartment

A couple have been left horrified when a pool of poo water broke the roof of the bathroom just four days after they moved in.

Taylor Kay van Duyn caught the moment their ceiling burst on camera and posted it on TikTok, where it has amassed more than 17 million views.

She wrote in the video: "4th day in new apartment, not happy."

The clip shows an enormous balloon-like bulge hanging from the ceiling right by the toilet door.

Streams of water are seen leaking out from a few punctures on the white paint.

While Taylor and her partner film outside at the corridor, the brown water starts to gush out from the ceiling and eventually breaks the roof, leaving a pool of stinky liquid flooding the entire bathroom.

The couple quickly flee the scene and shut the door behind them as the poo flows into the corridor.

Taylor uploaded a second video to show the aftermath of the situation and the whole hallway is covered in brown faeces.

The bathroom ceiling is left with a huge gaping hole.

It is not clear where the incident happened, but viewers were quick to comment on the very sticky situation.

One joked: "Your ceiling has diarrhoea."

Another viewer wrote: "Not a swimming pool but it's swimming poop in the house."

"I thought you had a cool shower that came out of the ceiling for a minute," a third added.

A fourth penned: "Imagine the smell… even if it gets cleaned. Move out already!"

Some suggested the couple file a report and claim for insurance, and Taylor replied that they are "already on it".

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