Disruptive passenger booted off jet after hurling insults and throwing tantrum

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    A disruptive passenger was seen being booted from an AirAsia flight in a viral video after "having a tantrum" as take-off was delayed.

    Travellers were sitting onboard the 9.10am AirAsia flight AK6310 from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Langkawi waiting for take-off after a number of cargo when on passenger in particular became increasingly agitated. The bloke reportedly began hurling insults at the flight crew members, prompting security to step in.

    However, the bloke was caught on video in a heated argument with staff as he denied insulting staff members and refused to follow demands and leave his seat.

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    "I didn’t insult, bro. Tell the captain I didn’t insult nobody," he said before challenging an unknown passenger to settle the matter outside of the plane. Other passengers began to mock and scold the bloke as he was causing further delays to their already disrupted flight.

    TikTok user Sophian (@SophianAzmi), captured the disruptive incident on video as the unnamed man was seen arguing with staff and refusing to speak to the pilot outside of the plane. In an another clip, captured by a passenger named Sue (@mdmsue03), she was seen sitting beside the disruptive passenger as he denied his behaviour.

    Fellow passengers continued to urge him to step outside of the aircraft and he eventually complied. He was allowed to return to his seat after some discussion with the pilot.

    The flight departed for Langkawi at around 10:10am but that was not the end of his antics. Throughout the journey he continued to test the patience of his fellow passengers calling them "cowards". However, he did not direct the insult at anyone in particular.

    Once the flight landed at Langkawi airport, some passengers expressed a desire to confront him but he disappeared from the scene. AirAsia have been contacted by the Daily Star for comment.

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    The news comes after two MMA fighters were kicked off an AirAsia flight after losing their cool over earphones and proceeding to tear the cabin apart. In shocking footage, the fighters could have been mistaken for thinking they were in the cage as they kick up a fuss over the lost earphones.

    The situation became heated when one of the men acted aggressively when discovering he had lost his earphones on board the plane. His failure to keep his cool eventually lost him his seat on the flight as the pair were finally ejected for their antics.

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