Dog collapses and has seizure on beach after eating ‘poison’ cruelly left out

Dog owners are being warned to be extra cautious about what their pets pick up after a springer spaniel was poisoned by a mystery substance on East Beach in Shoebury, Essex.

Claire Missen says her four-year-old pooch, Bomber, started having a fit after picking something up while out on a walk.

She can’t be certain he had eating something toxic that had been washed up by the tide, or whether someone had deliberately put poison down in hope of harming a dog.

She was out with her two dogs – Bomber and Trouper – but only Bomber was affected by the mysterious poison. A fox was found dead – apparently also the victim of poisoning – elsewhere on the same beach.

Claire told the Southend Standard : “It all happened so quickly.

“He’s normally so fit and healthy.

“We just went for a stroll with our other dog Trouper and on the way back he just collapsed.

“We carried him back to the car and by that time he’d started fitting. I thought he was going to die. It was horrific.”

Claire, 49, rushed Bomber to the vet for emergency treatment.

The vet confirmed to Claire that Bomber had been poisoned: “We don’t know that it was something someone put down,” she said. “It could have been a naturally occurring toxin like a mould. Or it could have been sea pollution.”

Oliver Duprey from Southend Medivet added that that the exact cause of Bomber’s illness remains unknown: “We saw Bomber on Sunday after he had collapsed following a walk and subsequently had a seizure.

“Blood tests and abdominal imaging found no systemic cause for the seizure or hypoglycaemia, and so a presumptive diagnosis of toxin ingestion was made.

“He was treated medically and he was discharged to his loving owner the next day.

“It is not known what toxin Bomber may have ingested, but at this time of the year patients often present to our hospital with signs consistent with mycotoxin ingestion which can be associated with mouldy foodstuffs, but, also natural growing fungus.

“We are very happy to hear that Bomber is doing very well.”

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