Dog makes miracle recovery after being found by vet who thought pooch was dead

A dog that was left for dead at the side of a road has made a miraculous recovery after being rescued.

Janey Lowes, an emergency vet who found the pooch while on her way to work in Talalla, Sri Lanka, actually thought it had already passed away.

The six-year-old mix was lying completely still. She had a large tumour on her head that had become infested with maggots.

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Janey, 34, the founder of dog rescue charity WeCare Worldwide, stopped to move the dog away from the road when she noticed its tail moving slightly.

She explained: "I always pull over to move or bury dead dogs.

"I've treated more than 20,000 dogs, and I've never thought one was dead when it wasn't.

"It was the fact that you couldn't see her breathing, she was very close to death.

"She didn't have much fight left in her, she just let me pick her up and flopped into my arms."

Janey, who is originally from Barnard Castle in northern England, took the dog to her shelter for treatment and named her Sassy.

Sassy had her wounds patched up, underwent chemotherapy for the tumour and was somehow healthy within three weeks.

She seemed to have wandered away from her community, hence the shelter will first search for her guardian before looking to rehome her.

Janey added: "She's super healthy, if she continues to recover the way she has been until now, I'll have no qualms getting her back to her community.

"[Rescuing a dog like this] is the best feeling in the world, I know it's a cliché, but I feel so fortunate to witness these miraculous recoveries.

"It really is a testament to these dogs' resilience and grit, I have the best job in the world.

"There are quite a few cases in which the dog clearly knows we are helping them, and that just feels so amazing."

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