Dog owner re-watches pet cam to see cat using pooch as ‘pillow’ while home alone

Adorable dog camera footage has captured a cat so comfortable with his pooch counterpart that he uses her as a pillow.

Kelvin, the ginger tabby, and her partner-in-crime Joule, a vizsla, have become internet sensations over recent months thanks to their close friendship.

Videos shared to their dedicated Instagram account, @ginger_cat_and_vizlas, capture how they love to cosy up on sofas together.

And a recent clip has shown how Kelvin has even started to use Joule as his very own pillow.

The video shows the cat jumping up on the sofa and going over to rub his head on his dog best pal.

He then steps the comfort level up a notch by literally jumping on her body.

After several moments of trying to find the best position, Kelvin opts to rest her head near Joules’ bum.

The dog, meanwhile, has to make do with Kelvin’s rear in his face.

More than 9,000 people have seen the clip since it was posted last month with the caption: “Kelvin loves his Joule pillow.”

One viewer wrote: “I love how they look at each other.”

“Omg this is one of the best videos of the two yet,” another said.

A third added: “They so love each other.”

While a fourth laughed: “Well, Kelvin looks comfy.”

The channel’s owner previously told this site that she had set up cameras in the house to check Joule would be alright being left at home.

“I originally had all the cameras up high so I could see the whole room, and I noticed that Joule and Kelvin were on the couch together,” she explained.

“So I moved the camera to point directly at the couch, and realised that they weren't just on the couch together, but they were snuggling.

“I think Kelvin really helps with Joule's anxiety. Kelvin has always been friendly with the dogs, but I never realised the extent of it until I got the cameras.”

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