Dog rescue group in Brighton saves mom, seven puppies from New Mexico

A mom dog and her seven puppies have been rescued by Brighton-based rescue group after the dogs’ owners died in a drive-by shooting in New Mexico.

The dam and her puppies, after a recent 500-mile trip, are in Brighton and being cared for by Lifeline Puppy Rescue, according to a news release.

“Although she was very nervous, mama was still sweet with everyone,” LPR said in the release. “After receiving all of the necessary medications and vaccinations, mom and puppies were picked up by their loving foster home.”

The mother is still a bit frightened by her new surroundings and separation from her owners, but her foster family is “working on building trust,” the release said.

The puppies, likely a pit-bull mix and about 7 weeks old, and their mom are not yet ready for adoption, but that will soon change, said Casey Hampf, of LPR. The dogs should be ready this spring.

LPR, founded in 1993, is a no-kill, non-profit rescue that has rescued and adopted out almost 43,000 puppies to families across the Rocky Mountain Region, Kansas, Texas, and New Mexico.


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